Business Ecology
EIG has expanded to more than 11 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, China, etc.

We mainly focus on entertainment, fintech, healthcare, charity, trading, gaming industry and more. In the near future, we will venture into cyber security, fashion and many other exciting projects.

Eternal Entertain-

In this modern world, entertainment brings spice to people's live. Using unlimited imagination, Eternal Media brings new breeze of entertainment to this beautiful world.

Eternal Healthcare

By collecting health records and conducting analysis, we provide customized medical solutions that cover healthcare, preventive care, medical cosmetology and ultimate smart healthcare system.

Eternal Assets Manage-

We use blockchain and smart contract technology to write, organize, keep and execute wills for our client, ensuring your legacy will be fully pass down to your loved ones.

Nurture Charity

Nurture Charity was established in 2018. We advocates the value “what is taken from the society, is given back to the society”, and hope to gather the strength of all people and contribute back to the society, to help those in need. Nurture Charity has organized various charity events in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Red Dragon Technology

Established in the year 2018, we provide the best technical service for our clients. We insist on value, quality and customer satisfaction, continue exceeding customer expectation. The services we provided include web development, mobile application development, data support, blockchain technology applications, testament management systems, e-wallet support and e-commerce platform support.

Eternal Creative

Expert in crafting new brand, inspiring brand direction, comprehensive professional guidance, providing high quality creative material, creating endless possibility for you and your business.

Eternal Event

Eternal Event is led by a dedicated team. We specialize in tailor made events according to our client's vision and budget, using unique strategy and creativity. Eternal Event is passionate in creating unique event experiences that bring brands closer to target audience.