Nature, Care, Unite

EIG was founded in 2017 with its core values as "Nurture, Care, Unite". We build our company that encompasses different industries including fintech, healthcare, education, charity, entertainment, gaming, trading. With understanding the dynamics of the society and global economic trends, and attracting talents and resources, we want to build a global economic corridor that will become a multi-industry holding company. Our goal is clear, that is to contribute back to the society. By constructing an all-new business ecology and plans, we create new opportunities, new source of income, new development, growth and hope for the society.


Proper guidance.

"People-oriented" is the corporate philosophy for EIG. We firmly believe that people are more important than system. With proper guidance and teamwork, we provide the best service to our clients. Presently, our business has expanded to more than 11 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, China, etc. We mainly focus on entertainment, fintech, healthcare, charity, trading, gaming industry and more. In the near future, we will venture into cyber security, fashion and many other exciting projects.